In all the world, there is no one else like me. There are persons who have parts like me but no one adds up exactly like me.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


B o o t s

I had a cow-boy look alike boots with no spur. I had worn it during my college days. And my friends used to lovingly call me Mr. Boots. After my graduation from Nagaland , I moved down to south India, Kerala. That was way back in 1996. After coming down to Kerala, I wore it rarely. Recently I got in touch with an old friend of mine through the face book. And she reminded me of the old boots. And to her amazement, I still have the boots with me after so many years, even though I don't wear it. I ve traveled a lot, stayed in different houses, lost a lot of things when I shifted my house to one city to the other or one house to the other. But yet I ve the old boots with me. And all these years I ve changed my shoes a numerous times. The last time I wore it was fourteen years back. Yet once in a while I dust n polish my boots and recollects my 'cow-boy days'.

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