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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Today as I was about to cross the road at a very busy junction, I saw a bunch of letters on the pavement secured with a rubber band. I took it from the pavement and found that these letters were to be delivered to Banks, individuals and institutions by a courier service called the DTDC.
My friend, Jeethu, who was with me called up finger-tips ( Directory Help-Line) , and got there telephone number. I rang up DTDC and informed the lady who had picked up the phone, that the letters were with me. I had asked them to collect it from my office. And promptly after an hour one of their staff came to my office and collected the letters.

After two hours or so the manager of DTDC calls me up and thanks me for informing them of the lost letters. All the letters were very important and it could have cost the job of the courier service executive and a bad name for the reputed agency.

There are lot of sincere people, but there are only very few people to take their time out and show their gratefulness to others. I appreciate the manager, for calling me up and thanking me for a very small job that I had done.

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